Romantic Surprises

Romantic Surprises


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romantic-proposal-silhouette-dating-ideas-churchThe biggest surprise I ever gave my wife was when I proposed to her. We both volunteered with the youth ministry at our church. We started dating because of being involved in our church and so it only seemed fitting that I propose to her at our church.

She went on a missions trip to New York City and because of my job at the time I was not able to go. While she, the youth director, and the youth were gone I stayed behind to run things and plan our Sunday night gathering. She returned on Saturday and I was set to run youth group on Sunday night.

Every student  we had ever worked with was there and I spoke about the danger of keeping secrets and how no matter how secret things are they will eventually come out into the light and everyone will know.

At the end of my talk I bent down on one knee and confessed my secret to her and asked her to be my wife. She did not know what I was doing and none of the kids there knew. Only myself, and the youth director knew. Everyone was surprised. My new fiancé started crying as she said yes.