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submitted by: Donna Foti

We live in an area that has a ton of apple orchards!  This time of year, it is fabulous to go for a ride through apple country…the trees are laden with ripe fruit and the fragrance of apples is almost intoxicating as you drive along!  Also, we all know apples are a love fruit!

One year we took a ride to just enjoyed the blessings of the day… the sight of the gorgeous trees dotted with red, the fragrance, the crisp air, the brilliant colors and the bright blue skies!  Although this was several years ago I can still remember the feeling of being with the most wonderful man in the world on the most beautiful day of autumn!  Makes me just smile to remember.

We stopped at a farm market and shared some cider and apple cider donuts that were still warm.    I remember telling him that since it was Sweetest Day why don’t we celebrate in a sweet sort of way.   So, I challenged him to cook off!  I suggested we buy some apples and we would each make a sinful dessert from them that would be seductive to be shared that night…who can come up with the most alluring of desserts…silly, huh?

Well, we bought a basket of apples and off we went.

What a grand day that was!  We spent time pouring over baking books and recipes, checking closets for ingredients, and being very secretive as we each did our thing in the kitchen together.  The house smelled like heaven with all the spicy aromas and it was warm from the heat of the oven and it just felt the way love should feel…warm, secure, cozy…

We soon found out that the desserts themselves were not very seductive or sensual or even decadent (bakers we were not)… but, making them together sure was! (All the little kisses, looks, secret smiles, etc) And, then presenting them on paper lace doilies and decorating them with little fall flowers and cinnamon sticks made them creative and special…but, the fun part was in the feeding of them to each other and all the laughter and giggles that came with it.

Romance doesn’t have to be serious…laughing together can lead to the most romantic and sensuous of moments… don’t you think?  And this sure did that day.

So, for me, my one Sweetest Day celebration was just spur of the moment, unplanned and grand fun!  It’s still a special memory for us and we always remember it when it’s apple time in NY State…