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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Hardy Bora

I had prearranged a visit to the mall on our anniversary, and we walked in to the mall through the Sears store. All the TV’s in the electronics section had “I love you’s” on them with a heart on the background.

What it was was one of the little cameras that shoot you as you go by and you can see yourself on TV. I asked the district head of Sears to hook all the TVs up if he could and have them aimed on this little gold thing that I had that said “I love you” and I had a big huge red heart shaped pillow behind it. She loved it. Once we walked into the mall, I had the mall supervisor play “our song,” which is “Still” by 98ยบ on the speakers they have all through the mall.

I had planned to go to certain stores, and each one of the stores that I had planned to going, they had something for me. We went into a gift items store, and the guy at the register had a gold plated rose for her. We went to Maurice’s (clothes place) and the guy had a shirt that I picked out for her, with a necklace. Next we went to the Disk Jockey store, and they had a few CDs that she’d wanted for the longest time. We then went to the Radio Shack to look at things, and the computers there had a graphic I created for her on my computer as their background.

We came back out, and we were heading out, and we went to the pet store. She’d always wanted a rabbit, so I had a rabbit ready and prepared for her, with ribbons on the ears one of those little pink scrunchy things that girls put in their hair around it’s waist (looked kinda like a ballerina bunny) and it was a white rabbit, and I had the lady put “Happy Anniversary” on the rabbit with pink fade-away dye. She loved it.

Once we were outside of the mall, (some background-I belong to a car club for Pontiac Firebirds, 1995 and newer) I had 12 members of the club line up their Firebirds (the nicest looking ones) and had them all blaring our song, and they flashed their lights 12 times, for the 12 months that we had been together. Each one of them drove away, and as they drove away they drove by and each handed her a rose. By the time they were done, obviously, she had a dozen roses.