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submitted by: Zeke Caraballo

My 6th grade son and I were about to head off to an educational science camp, which would leave my wife alone with our other son and daughter for the week. Our cell phone has a scheduler feature that allows us to keep track of appointments, or set up a special time to serve as a reminder – it has a variety of uses.

I considered the times where she would most likely have the phone with her and figured the “alarm” facet would work even if she had the phone turned off, because it would announce that there was something scheduled the next time the phone was turned on – which automatically happens when it’s plugged in to the charger in the car.

So, i went to work at scheduling three different times during the week where the phone would announce a message. In one message, I mentioned that we have been gone for “x” hours and that we missed everyone at home. Another message came up a day or so later and I told my wife how much I loved her and missed her. The last message was several hours before we would arrive back home from our week at camp, letting her know of a countdown in the number of hours before we’d be home and I was able to give her an “I’m home” hug and kiss.

Since then, I’ll take occasion to schedule an event to be announced simply to let her know that I’m thinking of her and that I love her very much.