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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mark J. Monteith

The way I use technology for romance is combining the use of my cell phone and my sweetheart’s voicemail. What started out as a one time joke has become a weekly event that we both look forward to. The end of the week is when exhaustion and stress start to set in at work.

I first started on Friday by having what we call “Concert Friday”. As I drive to work, I choose a love song, call my darling’s voicemail at work, and I sing the song to her. Although I do not have a great singing voice, she appreciates the thought and time I put into selecting songs. I have even made up my own words to songs to celebrate special occasions and anniversaries.

This has recently expanded to include “Poetry Thursday”. Using the same concept as above, I call her voicemail and recite a love poem that I have printed off the Internet (there are some great sights with poems) or a poem I have written myself.

These ways of expressing my love allow for her to listen to my song or poem over and over again and helps to make the end of a long week at work a little more bearable.