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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tim Chase

Most of the jobs around the house that require “tech-savvy,” my wife leaves to me. Programming the digital clocks on the TV, VCR, microwave, etc; troubleshooting the computer; and other such items. Though it’s a simple way to show that I love her, I like to take it a step further. If I can make any techno-toy around our home easier for her to use I go ahead with it and surprise her with it.

Though simple, one of the best (for which we are both continuously thankful) is that I sat down one afternoon after we purchased our microwave and read the manual. Sure, it may not sound like much, but in the process I discovered that, by jumping through some non-obvious hoops, we could turn off the audible beeps that the microwave made when you pressed the buttons–as well as the horrid squeal when it was done. In our small apartment, if you’re in the kitchen, the silence after it has finished nuking your leftovers makes it obvious that it’s done cooking. Not only does it allow for a pleasantly silent evening, but allows me to use the microwave in the wee hours of the morning (as a “morning person”) without disturbing my wife at 6:00am while she’s still dreaming sweetly. Why wait until all else fails to read the manual? Thanks for the “manual” on romance 🙂

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