Using Technology

Using Technology


submitted by: Kathryn Clifton


computer background vandalismOne of my favorite ways to make my boyfriend smile is to draw him a new background for his computer screen. I have been known to “break in” to his apartment (using my copy of the key, of course) and “vandalize” his computer screen. I use Microsoft Paint to create a new bitmap, save it, and then I select “set as background” in the file menu.

What kind of romantic material do I put up? Sometimes I draw cutesy little hearts and cupids and make the Message “I Love You Darlin'” other times I draw a rose (he and I frequently e-mail or message each other electronic roses @}-`—– )

But my favorite, by far, is to draw a pill bottle and the message on the label is:

Medication: Back Rub

Directions for use: Take one as needed to relieve stress

Prescribing Doctor: Katie

Patient: Neil

I frequently use this one when I know my boyfriend has had a bad day at work or in classes. “Dr Katie” has also prescribed bubble baths, dinners out [my treat] (since he always cooks), cuddles on the couch, and foot rubs. One of best things about these “electronic prescriptions” is that once you save the file, you can always go in and change the “prescribed medication” without having to make a new file. Once Neil uses his prescription, I usually take the prescription background down and put his favorite picture of the two of us back up. He really enjoys coming home to find that a vandal has broken into his apartment and attacked his computer screen, and I have a great time thinking of new messages to vandalize his screen with!