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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Rich Shaffer

After a difficult period during our marriage I needed to show my wife that I still loved her as much and even more than the day we were married. To do this I took many of “our songs” and recorded them on a cassette tape.

These songs were ones from our wedding and also ones from important times over the past twelve years. Romantic songs that we have listen and loved to. I titled the tape and also printed up a lyrics sheet of all of the songs. (She is a fanatic about knowing the lyrics to all of her favorite songs) This tape can also be used for those romantic evenings at home alone just to make you feel close again.

Next, I set the tape to “our song” and put it in her car tape player. She always has a tape in the cassette player. When she got in the car there was a string attached to the visor with a note stating my love for her and when she started the car our song came out over the speakers.

When times are tough and we need to connect we can listen to this tape and remember all of the good times and create even more times to be cherished.