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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Amanda Williams

My boyfriend was so sweet when we first go together.¬†We had been friends for about a year and since I was in a messy breakup he didn’t want to ask me out right away. So one day he gets this fake email address and send me a secret admirer love letter. He tells me about how he has watched me from afar and admired my strength and independence. He even went to AOL and get a fake instant messenger name and started talking to me like that. It was so sweet.

Finally we arranged to meet at a college football game. I went and was disappointed when my mystery guy didn’t show up with the rose like he had promised he would. But fortunately I found my best friend (which is him) and watched the game with him. During half time while we were watching the score board a red rose popped up and under it said Amanda for you from Aaron. We have been together ever since and are getting married next fall.

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