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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: David Braun

Throughout our courtship, Becky and I would dance to homemade tapes consisting of our favorite romantic songs. I wanted to do something similar when I proposed. But since there are no songs with “Becky” in them, I decided to create my own.

The closest song with “Becky” in it is a song by Europe called “Carrie”. I rewrote the song substituting “Carrie, Carrie” with “Becky, marry me” and creating verses that applied to our relationship. Fortunately I worked with someone who could sing and someone who was going to school to be a music technician. I got the karaoke version of the song and they recorded the new song with the original music and the new lyrics. Before that song I recorded some other songs to get her in the mood.

After finally arranging some time to ourselves, we went somewhere quiet and proceeded to dance to the new tape. After a few songs the new one came. At first she didn’t think anything of it since she knew the tune but once she caught on she couldn’t believe it. I had to play it again because Becky wasn’t able listen to the words the fist time since she was in shock.

Needless to say, she said yes.