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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Megan E. Cole

My boyfriend and I are separated by time and circumstance, but we haven’t let that stop us. I’m lucky that we are both computer and Internet savvy.

He is a member of our wonderful Washington State Patrol and a few months ago was stationed over 100 miles away. We work hard to keep up the romance. E-mail is one of our favorite ways. With his schedule (working nights and weekends) sometimes our only communication is through e-mail. One of our favorite ways to correspond is using the free e-cards found on-line at some of our favorite websites. I love coming to work and having a card from my darling to cheer me up. I always miss him, but this helps.

We do try to talk as much as possible, but long distance is expensive. We’ve recently found the technology (by both MSN and AOL) that allows us to talk over the Internet-for free! This great invention! I love hearing my sweetheart’s voice (even though e-cards are fun too). 🙂

When all else fails, photos make great links to each other…not anything naughty. 🙂 I have a scanner and when there are pictures of us together, or any worth sharing, I can scan them and send them on to him via e-mail. I can also post them on our on-line photo album and share them with the entire family (many of whom live across the country).

It is in this way that we keep that spark alive using technology! 9br>