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submitted by: Michael Branch

thanksgiving picnic

The love of my life is a nurse and we are going to share our Thanksgiving with the members of the retirement center at her place of employment, but I wanted to give her something to remember our first Thanksgiving together.  

I knew she would be coming over this evening and I took a red plaid sleeping bag and laid it out on the floor.  That day I collected acorns and oak leaves from the trees outside my work and placed them all around our indoor picnic.  I put some of the leaves under the padding to get the crunching sounds of outside.  I lit a fire in the fireplace and had lots and lots of candles to fill the room.  

On the way home I picked up assorted fruits and cut them into bite size pieces.  I took strawberries and dipped them into whip cream and chocolate (her favorites!) and placed all these things into a picnic basket.  The wine was chilled and everything was in place by the time she arrived.  She was shocked the moment she arrived and as we sat on the blankets in front of the fire, I took a silk tie and blind folded her and handfed her the fruits and goodies – chocolate was also available! 

When I took the blindfold off, she had tears in her eyes and it really touched me that something so simple could bring such happiness to her heart.  Of course, a blanket and a good fire made a great place for romance, so with leaves in her hair and the sounds of autumn in a candle lit room we made our first Thanksgiving one to remember forever.  A lifetime memory.