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submitted by: Mika Flynn


This might not qualify for really romantic events, but it sure made a difference to me when it happened. Normally Thanksgiving is a big and busy affair at my husband’s family’s house. There’s a minimum of 15 – to a max of 25 people there and it is incredibly congested.

thanksgiving for twoKnowing that I don’t enjoy the crazy commotion – my husband called his parents to tell them that we would be there for dessert, but we were starting our own ‘family tradition’ by having Thanksgiving at our own apartment – alone.

We spent the day making our own feast, and having a great time playing music while the food cooked. When it came time to give thanks to God, my husband listed off all the things about me, and the way our marriage had effected his life.

When we eventually made it over to his parent’s house, I was numb to all the people and commotion because I was in that ‘giddy-love’ all over again due to the little things expressed by my sweet husband.