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submitted by: James Thibodeaux

thanksgiving blessings

This idea could be used on any occasion, although it might have more meaning on Thanksgiving. After all, Thanksgiving is a time to be appreciative.

Take a moment to count your blessings. Now look back at all your blessings and see how many of them involve your wife, girlfriend, or significant other… He or she will never know how thankful you are for them unless you tell them. A number of ways to do this are:

1) Make a toast to him/her, in his/her company, just the two of you or in front of family
2) Take a moment to write/create a card for him or her. Guys, if you have children, make it something you do together with the kids. Have fun with you children and let your wife know how much she’s appreciated.
3) Make/buy a thanks giving pie or cake and have a special message of thanks for him/her.
4) Leaving on a trip? Put a sign out at the end of the road/driveway that you’ll both see as you take off for the holiday.
5) Say a prayer, out loud, thanking God for all the blessings that he’s given you through him/her.
6) Just before you “dig in” at the Thanksgiving meal, tell them that your life has been blessed because of them and you are so thankful that they are here with you right now.