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submitted by: Mark Hughes


I am planning to give my wife a private “Thanksgiving-after-Thanksgiving” dinner in which I’ll make sure that all of the items for the meal communicate my love for her. Instead of turkey, I’ll be cooking Cornish hens, stuffed with herbs and some vegetables carved into heart shapes.romantic thanksgiving meal

The sweet potatoes will be accented by marshmallows in “X’s and O’s” patterns, the green bean casserole will have the fried onions in either a heart shape or the words “love you,” the stuffing cooked in heart shaped biscuits, and for dessert, German Chocolate cake (her favorite, which says I love you all by itself).

And of course, any good cook cleans up after himself. Besides, leaving the dishes for her to do negates the points you may earn with the meal. Though it helps to be a fair cook and just a hair artistic, this meal is simple enough for even the least domestic of men. Hope some others are able to have fun with this.