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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: John Collier


It is tradition with my family that we all meet at my parents’ house, and the same goes for my girlfriends’ family. So as we do every major holiday we go from her moms’ to mine, making the 45 minute trek in between. This year she is in for a bit of a surprise though.

I have made a tape of our special songs with a little I love you speech at the end, that should last just under 45 minutes for the ride.

thanksgiving cabinIt is also tradition to watch football with dad after dinner, and as much as I love my dad, I also love my soon to be fiancée (I hope). So I am changing things up a bit. After dinner (I allowed for some time to digest and spend time with family) I am having a limo pick us up at my parents. I have already packed some things for her and have them in my trunk. The limo will be taking us to a cabin about an hour from our house where my best friend has left his extra car for me.

I have the whole long weekend reserved at the cabin, so we could just spend time together, and I can show her how thankful I am for her being in my life. I rented some classics to watch on the TV and I am bringing a couple books to read to her. It should be a great weekend, and the best Thanksgiving yet.

You don’t have to get the cabin or the limo for this to be romantic though, just turn off the game, curl up and grab a book. She will love you for it, unless of course she is the football fan.