submitted by: Sara


sailing proposal ideas with toolsMy boyfriend is an avid sailor and, after 2 1/2 years together, he finally decided he wanted to teach me to sail. So, we began a project together – to refurbish an old sailboat that was going unused in his mom’s yard. Throughout the process, Dan was adamant that I help do everything related to this boat – picking the paint color, drilling holes, stringing lines, etc. When we were finished, it was a fantastic accomplishment for us as a couple! 

Taking it a step further, one Saturday, Dan told me he wanted to go for a sail, and although the forecast called for rain, we went anyway. We were sailing for about 45 minutes when Dan asked me to get his leatherman from the cubby-hole in the boat. Dan never goes anywhere without this tool because as he says “you’ll never know when you have to fix something.”  So, I didn’t think anything of his request. 

When I pulled out the leatherman case, there was no leatherman in it. When I said this to Dan, he asked me to open it to double check. When I opened the case, I found a diamond ring attached to a floatable key chain. Dan was proposing!  Of course I said yes!  He had spent so much time in the previous few months refurbishing the boat with me and had this idea planned the entire time. The leatherman “excuse” was a great touch!