Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Naomi

For our second anniversary, we decided to go to
Newquay in Cornwall (we live in the UK, it is a
beautiful seaside town) which is famous for its
beautiful settings. We could really only afford to
stay in a caravan (a campground with travel trailers), but it was lots of fun.

Carl drove the two of us there, it was his first long drive, and I navigated. When we loaded up the car, he put a cool bag under my seat and told me I had to promise not to peek until our anniversary. I also had to promise to give him at least half an hour on his own. I was quite happy to do this, and when he called me to say I could go into our bedroom, I discovered he had bought long stemmed roses, kept them fresh and watered them in their cool bag for four days to keep them alive, and then scattered the petals across our bed. He had also searched out little rose scented night light candles and lit them. I was so touched that he had made all that effort to keep it a surprise and to transport the flowers.

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