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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Lisa

I went on a 10-day business/pleasure trip to San Diego earlier this year. At the time of my departure, I had only known my boyfriend for two weeks. We fell in love over cross-country telephone conversations that lasted for hours.Ron made my vacation romantic without even being beside me. As we chatted each morning on the phone, he would help me plan my agenda for sight-seeing, telling me about the out-of-the-way places that he had loved when he lived in the area.

During my travels, I would call him to share my excitement about what I was seeing. It was as if we were there together. Along the way, I would pick up trinkets from some of his favorite spots, and took pictures at places that had special sentimental meaning for him.

On my return home, he met me at the airport with a red rose for me and a yellow rose for the friend who had accompanied me. He is a gifted chef, and had spent the day preparing to cook a gourmet meal for me — the first time I had experienced his cooking! We spent the night reliving my time in San Diego. I’ve never in my life experienced such a romantic vacation and homecoming, but I hope I do again soon!