Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Theresa Tirrell

Just last weekend we went away to a beautiful B&B in New Brunswick Canada called Larsen’s Lodge. They specialize in romantic getaways and it really
was wonderful. We both had planned very romantic ideas for our weekend, but the best one that I brought was a romantic poem specially chosen for its “us” appropriate content, printed on a special alce edged paper and tucked into an antique bottle that I had purchased on a recent trip to Cape Cod.

The bottle was a bit marked by age, so I put a pinch or two of confetti that was iridescent into the bottle along with the poem to give it a little sparkle. I tied a lovely bow around the neck of it & tucked it into my
travel bag.  Unfortunately, the antique cork wasn’t providing an airtight seal & I was crushed.

The second night of our trip, however, we ordered a
great bottle of Riesling to go with our dinner & the cork was especially pretty and we commented on it. Later, I spied the cork on the table. It appeared to be just the right size to save the day!  The next morning, I went to shower & took my travel bag in with me. The cork fit perfect!

I finished getting ready for the day & filled the big whirlpool bath at the same time. I put  few drops of bubbles in, packed up my things & placed the bottle in the water to float, awaiting it’s discovery by my love.  Although he didn’t notice it until he was getting dressed, he was touched by the sentiment, the poem and the effort.