Romantic Travel

Romantic Travel


submitted by: Brea Roper


looking at stars romantic travelOne of the greatest romantic “vacations” I’ve ever heard of was when my best friend Michael went to visit his girlfriend (at the time), Michelle. I was fortunate enough to help plan this romantic getaway. Here is how it panned out.

Michael lives in Colorado and Michelle in Kansas, so over the summer it was hard for them to keep in contact, especially with their super-hectic work schedules.  Even the time difference made it harder to communicate over the phone.  So, Michael decided to go visit Michelle.  However, he
decided to SURPRISE her!!!  Soooooo… he first called her father to ask permission to stay in their home for a few days.  Once permission was granted, Michael enlisted the help of Michelle’s best friend to make sure everything was set.  Michelle would be available and unsuspecting.

Michael came in a few days ahead of schedule to spend time with me and my family as well, but during this time all he could think or speak of was the upcoming event.  I have never seen a guy pack so much for so little time.  His suitcase was full of possible clothing options for his big day, but we ended up going shopping anyway to find that special something.  He had me pick the best cologne for the occasion.  We ironed his clothes, polished his shoes, the whole works.

He bought her beautiful flowers, and prepared his homemade gift: a Finding Nemo puzzle transformed into a puzzle of a picture of the two of them.  Because they had gone to see the movie together, he bought this puzzle, but added a twist.  He blew up a picture of the two of them big enough to cover the puzzle, cut it up to fit on the puzzle’s pieces, glued them on, wrote a beautiful message on the back, returned the pieces to the box, and nestled the gift inside a bag overflowing with tissue paper. Armed and dangerous, he was ready.

When we arrived near Michelle’s house we made sure to park out of site. He called her on his cell phone around the time he normally would call, knowing Michelle would be waiting for her friend Stephanie to pick her up for “dinner.”  Sometimes while on the phone with Michael, Michelle would suggest they both step outside and look at the stars together, from their respective states.  So, Michael followed her cue and, standing right outside of her house, called and suggest she “go outside to look at the stars.”  Needless to say, she was VERY surprised to see MICHAEL standing outside.  And, she wasn’t too disappointed that Stephanie would not be coming, either.  🙂

Michael then proceeded to romanticize her throughout the week with flowers, gifts, canoe trips, days off of work, and the climax was taking her to the play she had been speaking of for months. Overall, it was a wonderfully romantic time for both of them that Michelle still speaks of, even though they are not dating anymore.