Romantic Travel

Romantic Travel


Map random driveThis vacation idea is a surprise for a single day or for a single overnight. It can be modified for a longer time if desired. Surprise your partner in the morning with “THE RANDOM DRIVE.” Give them the following rules, then pack as required, and set out on your “RANDOM DRIVE.” If necessary make any necessary plans for care for kids or pets ahead of time.



1. Have your partner pick a nearby U.S., State, or County highway; pick a direction (N, S, E, or W); and pick a duration (number of miles or minutes). This specifies the first leg of The Random Drive. It is not fair for your partner to choose U.S. 66, West, and 2000 miles! This is just a day trip, remember!

2. At the same time, have your partner pick a second direction (Left or Right) and pick a second duration (number of miles or minutes). This specifies the second leg of The Random Drive.

3. Begin completing leg one of The Random Drive. Leave the radio or stereo off and enjoy the scenery, the conversation, and each other’s company.

4. When the duration count­down is complete for any leg, take the next U.S., State, or County highway that you cross. You will go left or right as previously specified for the next leg and follow that road for the next leg’s previously specified duration. Thus, the old next leg becomes the new current leg.

5. Before you begin the new current leg, your partner must specify the direction (Left or Right) and duration (number of miles or minutes) of the new, next leg of The Random Drive. Thus, you always specify the next leg before you ever know where it starts.

6. If you want to interrupt any leg of The Random Drive to see something or stop for a meal or snack, that is allowed. If a leg is interrupted, after the interruption, continue traveling in that leg’s direction and continue the count­down of that leg’
s specified duration (number of miles or minutes).

7. If you cannot complete a specified leg for any reason (road closings, dead ends, etc.), you just need to adjust and re­specify that leg

8. No maps allowed until later.

9. Enjoy the whole time together and the sights and surprises that this random drive will present. When late afternoon arrives (about 3:30 or 4:00, or a time of your choosing), you need to find a place to stay. Any place you choose is OK. A hotel, motel, B&B, whatever you choose. If desired, find a room with a hot tub and or fireplace to make for a romantic evening. Or pick up that previously forbidden map and head for home. The Random Drive is over.

10. You will need to find someplace to eat dinner also, but I was pretty sure you knew that.

11. On your return trip (either late in the afternoon or the next day), you do not need to retrace the steps of The Random Drive. You may choose to return by a more direct route. At this point, if necessary, you are allowed to consult a map, but I doubt that you will need it.

12. Enjoy The Random Drive and the time together!

13. As you go along, record the legs of The Random Drive in a table or trip log.