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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Rob

I took my beautiful wife Alicia on vacation to Myrtle
Beach on October 26th two years ago.  I knew that I was going to ask her to marry me, but I had no idea how.

On the first day that we were there, I began thinking of ways to incorporate the ocean into my proposal.  Finally, I had it all figured out.  On the morning of our third day of vacation, I got up early and left a note on her bed asking her to follow the trail of rose petals (they led from the condo to the ocean.)

In the sand I had made a huge heart with rose petals and I sat inside of it with the ring and a set of trembling fingers.  On the outside of the heart I had traced these letters in the Sand:  “Alicia, my love for you is like the ocean tides – it will never end.  Will you marry me?”

I’ll never forget that vacation!