Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Stephanie A.

I am away at college, and my boyfriend from back home is taking a vacation in a few weeks to visit me. To get him excited, I created a Trip-Packet, similar to the ones Travel Agents create, and mailed it to him.

I decorated colorful paper and filled them with info about the area. I added a list of things not to forget to bring that also serves as hints about some of the things we are going to do while he is here. A jacket – the weather is cool here, good sneakers – you’ll do a lot of walking (I am taking him to an amusement park), Orange and Blue Clothes – to show your spirit (We are going to a college football game), a nice outfit – for going out on the town, and film – it will be a weekend that you will never want to forget!

He knows that we are going to the football game, so included photos of myself at some previous games, and the words to many of the cheers that the students at my school yell. I created a cover for the pages and wrote Steph and Kyle’s Vacation and put the dates of his trip. Hopefully, we can add to the pictures later, and he will have a book of memories from our vacation together!