Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Leslie Williams

I decided that my man and I needed some quiet time alone. I got on the Internet and research places that we could get away to that were within a two hour driving distance. I located an excellent bed and breakfast establishment (in Southern Louisiana).

Two weeks prior to our departure I sent him (via mail) an invitation. The invitation invited him to a get away of his dreams where he would be treated like a king. It only listed the dates and that it was a romantic get away. The week before our departure I created a little note for him to receive each day. The notes gave clues to what he should be expecting. It also listed items that he should bring with him such as a sense of adventure, his imagination, favorite cds and cd player, types of clothing, etc.

I also sent little (Hershey’s) kisses and what nots with the notes. He didn’t know what to expect and his curiosity was peeked. I didn’t tell him where we were going until we got in the car to drive. He assumed that we would be staying at a hotel. It was then that I notified him it was a bed and breakfast. 

The establishment came with a gourmet breakfast. It was a very Southern experience. The place was excellent and we got closer. He commented that no one had ever done anything like that for him before. It also shows that a woman can have a romantic touch.