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Tips & Ideas


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I live in a small town and my boyfriend and I went to the big city. Rather than taking the bus or a cab, we walked as often as possible. It was pretty simple, but walking made things a lot more fun.We got to take in the detail of our surroundings and enjoy the view. We didn’t really have a set schedule so we could check out chocolate shops, look down at the city from the bridge, and be carefree. When it rained we snuggled under my umbrella and at one point when my shoes were hurting my feet, my boyfriend gave me a piggyback ride.

In the big city there’s such a wide variety of people that nobody really looks at you weird if you do something out of the ordinary. So we struck up conversations with other people¬†walking on the sidewalk and we smiled at everyone because we were so happy! I’d like to think we made somebody’s day a little brighter.

We did take the bus occasionally if we wanted to go somewhere that was too far away. But my boyfriend sang love songs to me during the ride and everyone was smiling at us and probably thinking “ahh, young love!” It was great!