On A Vacation

On A Vacation


submitted by: Lana Calvery


mardi gras in texas cheap travel ideasMy husband and I were very tight on money but really needed to get away from the kids. I called and made reservations at a hotel an hour away from our home. I got the room with a Jacuzzi. My husband really wanted to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but we couldn’t afford it. Well, I brought Mardi Gras to our hotel room.

I kept everything a complete surprise. We went to eat at a Cajun restaurant and then returned to our hotel room. I sent him out to pick up some snacks at a local grocery store. While he was gone I decorated the room with Mardi Gras cut outs I purchased at a party supply store. I draped Mardi Gras beads all over the room and the tub. I lit purple, green, and yellow candles and set them all around the bathtub, and I drew up a big bubble bath. I had packed a small CD player and put in a jazz CD. I put a sign up that he would see when he walked into the room. It said to go into the bathroom (not where the tub was) and put on his costume. All that was there for him was a mask and beads. He then joined me in the tub for a very romantic night. This was just what we needed. Total cost of the entire night was about $150.00 including the hotel, dinner and the decorations.

This is something anyone can do without breaking the bank.