On A Vacation

On A Vacation


submitted by: Sara Carr


american on vacation romance bring the stuff from homeI’m taking a trip this August with my boyfriend to Ocho Rios Jamaica and we have both never been out of the US but we are going because we wanted our wedding to be something we would remember. As you might have guessed we are going to get married on the island while we are there but I’m going to make sure he doesn’t miss anything from the US while we are in Jamaica so I’m going to pack his favorite snack food that he ALWAYS eats in the evening and then pack a couple of his Star Trek episode video tapes, I really doubt we will watch them…hehee.

I know he sounds kinda nerdy but he definitely isn’t and he is my white knight and the man of my dreams so I wanted to make this vacation even more special because we would have new things from the island, but he wouldn’t miss any of his old favorite things from the States.


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