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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Randy Tipps

For my wife’s birthday planned a quite mini vacation. It took place over a weekend. This is how it worked.

It was my wife’s birthday. My wife grew up taking only camping vacations. I on the other hand, never camped before I was married. Now that’s all we
do as a family. My wife knows that I really would rather do something else but camp, but she also knows I do it for her and the kids. What I did was I took the afternoon when she was out and packed up all our camping gear. I want to a local campground and set up everything. I told her we were going to a casual place for dinner and that we were leaving around 6:00pm.

When we left for dinner I told her nothing and made her but a blindfold on. I then made up stuff about the restaurant we were going to. Like it was out  doors and stuff. I pulled into the campsite and up to our site. I then took off her blindfold and had a table with a cooler of food, candles and some libation (cocktails). We had a quite dinner, a romantic fire and a quiet night to ourselves. We spent Saturday together and my parents dropped the kids of on Saturday night. What made this fun was that it was unexpected and something that I didn’t normally enjoy doing, but knew my wife did. She really enjoyed it. It was cheap, fun for both of us and we even included the kids later.