On A Vacation

On A Vacation


submitted by: P Miller

romantic picnicThe romantic vacation about which I’m writing you about doesn’t even require a trip away from home. But it IS a vacation. It’s a 4 hour vacation anyone, anywhere, can do.

I wanted to surprise my sweetheart with a romantic change of pace. One warm, sunny Sunday morning, I called her and asked if she would like to go for a nice drive. Then, ahead of time, I took an old fashioned woven wicker picnic basket, packed it with our favorite foods and a bottle of wine, along with a romantic card, book of love poems, and a handful of fresh-cut fragrant ivory roses (her favorite). I hid the basket away in the trunk with a blanket.

I picked her up, and we drove into the rural countryside, following an old rustic road. It was really beautiful scenery and a wonderful change of pace from the hectic work week. I brought along CD’s I had chosen of her favorite music. Then, as we passed a farmer’s wheat field, I simply pulled
the car off the road without explaining why, and parked well off-road. To her complete surprise, I opened the trunk and grabbed the basket and blanket, inviting her to walk with me 40 feet off the road into the waist-high field. And there, in the waving tall wheat, we spread the blanket and had an intimate, romantic meal, talking about everything and nothing. And for a little while, the rest of the world was light-years away.

I loved it because the whole day centered on her. It was was as refreshing as any fancy travel agency vacation — and more romantic — because ever since we first met I had been interested to learn her favorite things, foods, flowers, wine, and music. And no airline to lose our bags.