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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Janelle Krause

Both my sweetheart and I are college students, so neither of us have lots of money to spend to go on vacation; so, normally we go tent camping. It is a great way to get away from the city and be able to enjoy nature, and most importantly each other. And
what is a camping trip without playing cards? 

We have created our own version of poker (he loves poker where as I am not much of a fan of the game). We play with chips, except the chips in our game do not represent money, but they represent minutes. At the end of each hand, the winner tallies
up the total number of minutes won. The loser must then do whatever the winner wants he/she to do for that amount of minutes (whether it be a back scratch, foot rub, or something a little more intimate and romantic).

It makes the evening and the trip more delightful and romantic because we must be creative with our wants and it gives us lots of special time to share with each other. I guess with this version of
poker, there really is never a loser…both winners.