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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kelly Legge

This winter I wanted to do something special with my partner. We didn’t have the money (or the time) for a “real” vacation, so I decided to “make” one.

About a week before our planned “vacation”, I gave him a letter telling him that he won a special draw, and that the grand prize was a Caribbean Getaway. Along with the letter I sent him a “ticket” for the evening.

The day of our date, he left the apartment so I could prepare. I had purchased a big cardboard and crepe-paper palm tree, which I hung from the ceiling. I made a tent with mosquito netting (over the bed) and strung up white Christmas lights so they would look like stars. I prepared a special meal – Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Caribbean Rice and Beans, with fresh tropical fruit, like kiwi and pineapple for dessert. 

When he arrived home, there was Caribbean island music playing. After we ate (feeding each other the fruit), we got into the tent, and I gave him a massage with Coconut Suntan Lotion. That night we slept under stars on our very own Caribbean island.