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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mark Hughes

Having a one year old and a three and a half year old, romantic vacations are hard to come by. But, that is no reason not to try.

When my wife and I go on vacations, I try to pack some surprises for the week: Little notes to leave on the mirror in the hotel, in her bags, in her make-up kit, etc. I also try and set out her clothes, give her extra time for a nap or a long bath while I take the kids to the pool or shopping, returning with a rose or small gift to let her know she was thought of even while we were away.

I make a point to open her car door first and hold the door for her whenever possible. I also make sure that we have our hands free to hold hands on a walk, especially along the boardwalk on the beach. And even though the children are with us, we try and schedule one evening at a special restaurant rather than the typical vacation feeding trough buffets geared toward families. It can’t hurt for my son and daughter to see what romance really is. And if we need alone time, there is always
family that we can use one night of our vacation to “get away,” even if it means a quiet dinner at home, prepared by yours truly of course. Romance on vacations with children may be more difficult, but it certainly isn’t impossible with the use of a little imagination.