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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kim Gau

You know how there’s the famous “12 Days of Christmas”? Well, how about the “14 Days to Valentine’s Day”?

Each February I count down the days to Valentine’s Day by sending my husband one goody each day from Feb.1st through the 14th. It’s never anything big or expensive. 

At this time of year, cards, candy and trinkets are readily available at any store, but I also I try to include homemade and personalized items, too. Some things I’ve sent before are: brownies with white icing tic-tac-toe x’s and o’s; chocolate covered pretzels, a giant heart shaped cookie, a postcard in the shape of giant lips, m&m’s in a heart-shaped container, etc.

This year I’m going to send a photo of our new dog, am going to try making a heart shaped pizza and am eager to try the Jello cookie bouquet in this week’s tip. All you have to do is look around you and through catalogs (Cheryle’s Cookies is a great one) – there are ideas all over the place!

I package the item up as creatively as possible and send it via US mail, personal delivery or his co-workers. The people he works with look forward to seeing what he receives each day, and he tells me they tell him how lucky he is. (and I know he just eats that up!) Then on the 14th I do an additional something like cooking his favorite meal or decorating the house with red and pink paper streamers. It’s fun to plan out what I’ll send him each day!