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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Elizabeth Peeden

Last year at this time my fiancé was in the Army, stationed in Germany. With us being so far apart it was impossible to spend Valentines together, but I still wanted to do something special for him. The only problem was I could not come up with anything original. Sending him flowers seemed too trite, but what do you do for someone when they are so far away. 

With Valentines fast approaching I was still out of ideas, so I went to the store hoping to come up with something to do for him. I kept thinking that things would be so much easier if he was here. Then it dawned on me that since he could not spend Valentines evening with me, I would send one to him. 

So, I decided to send him a Valentines evening in a box. The first thing in the box was a note and a balloon explaining how much I hated being apart on this special day and if we could spend Valentines together this is how our evening would go. Then the next thing he came to in the box was 2 candles and a box of macaroni and cheese (candle light dinner).

The next item he came to was the movie “While you were Sleeping” with a note attached to it saying how we would spend the night cuddled in each others arms watching a movie. The last thing I placed in the box was the book Chicken Soup for the Couples Soul with a note explaining how we would end the evening cuddled up reminiscing over the “story” of how our love has grown. And of course I filled every empty space with Hershey Hugs & Kisses.

He absolutely loved the package when he got it!