Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dianne Werthmuller

These are my ideas, I gave these to my husband for 3 different  Valentines Days in past…

1) I found old games at garage sales (bought at next to nothing prices) and saved only the game pieces and cards (Monopoly was a score) I used the Monopoly “chance” cards – wrapped in red and listed for my hubby how he could exchange the card for, get out of an argument free, forgetfulness free card, I’m sorry card, etc. along with a handmade Valentine’s card to him saying how I was glad I was married to him.

2) One year I made and laminated 2 ea. (2″ x 3″) cards printed with FREE PASS anytime, anywhere –were in small fine print and added this to my blonde brownies in heart basket. He has a pass to anywhere anytime (one was in case he lost one of them.) He really liked that card!

3) I found a small red mail box, addressed it to him with the flag up, and made up my own coupons (free manicure, free facial, free foot rub, free I’m Sorry, free day with the guys, free wash and wax, free ‘I don’t want to have to go to ________, free to do what I want to do day,etc. He used them all up for his special occasions! And I got the benefits of all those coupons too, because I love doting on him!

You can be creative and cost-conscious at the same time.