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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Amanda Williams

My boyfriend is the world’s worst gift giver.  He either always forgets and goes out at the last minute, buys wilted flowers, or the worst chocolate ever.  He doesn’t mean to he just can’t seem to get good gifts. 

Finally, last Valentine’s Day, I decided that I was going to force him to get me a quality gift.  We made a pact to actually make each other’s gifts.  I spent two whole days on his gift and card.  I was getting kinda’ nervous when the day before Valentine’s Day I saw him cutting out little red and pink hearts from construction paper when I wasn’t looking.    

Once Valentine’s Day rolled around and since my guy  had to work I spent most of the day home alone. I was kinda’ depressed all day long as I thought of the gift he was going to give me. I know its the thought that counts, and that he always meant well, but around noon a delivery guy stopped by with a wilted rose for me.  I was so upset.

Aaron called me later from work and asked did I want to go out to dinner.  I said sure and went to take a shower.  After I got out I found a card under the edge of the bathroom door.  When I opened the door there was no one there.  I opened the envelope and inside was a hand made card with the red and pink heart glued to it.  The card read, “Love is big, love is tall, look for me in the hall.”  So I went to the hallway and there taped to the wall was a second envelope and a rose.  This time I was lead to the kitchen.  There in the refrigerator was a third letter and a box of my favorite chocolates.  

I was then led to the bedroom, and a bed covered with petals.  Fresh ones might I add.  I was getting so excited.  I the center of the bed I found one final letter.  This letter led me out my balcony where my boyfriend sat with the dinner he had made at his sister’s house earlier that day (he had taken the day off) lit by candlelight.  He even had my favorite
song playing in the background.   It was the most romantic night of my life and it totally made up for all the bad gifts I had ever gotten.