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submitted by: Jeff Bohrer

When my wife and I were dating in high school (about 7 years ago), for Valentine’s day, I got a dozen roses for her. Instead of giving the entire bouquet to her at once, I gave them to her one class at a time.

I arranged for a friend of hers in each of her classes to pick up a rose from my locker and give it to her during that class. For one class, I even had to ask a teacher to present it to her! Attached to each rose, I had a (very) short poem written that pertained to that class (music, math, etc.) and my affection for her. 

To my surprise, she has kept every one of those little notes, and we read them not too long ago with tears in our eyes. Those were probably tears of amazement or sadness because I don’t think I’ve lived up to that romantic moment since. (I’m convinced it was Divine intervention working through me then!)

This idea could be modified for those couples who work or take college courses and know each others’ schedules and locations during the day.