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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Darlene O'Donnell

Four years ago I wanted to come up with something totally unexpected and unusual for Valentine’s Day. My husband is very easy to please and I knew that what ever I did he would be appreciative. I didn’t want to just buy something for him to wear or to eat. So, I put my thinking cap on and this is what I came up with.

I got out the yellow pages and looked for Hot Tub companies. I actually found a couple of them that rented out portable hot tubs! After calling a few of them I decided on one and then put my plan into action.

It was being delivered while my husband was at work and they came early in the morning. I had to move all the dining room furniture out of the dining room to so the hot tub would fit! I moved all the furniture into the living room before they arrived. 

These guys rolled in a 4 person hot tub and set it up in my dining room! They started filling it and got it running for me before they left. Now my only concern was that it would be warm enough to go in by the time Steve got home from work! In the mean time I went to the store and bought some wine for later that evening. I kept calling Steve at work to be sure he wasn’t making a surprise visit home!

I made a card and in it I explained that his Valentine’s gift was inside the house waiting for him and I put the card on our front door. You cannot imagine the surprised look on his face when he saw a hot tub in the dining room! And I was in it! Above the hot tub was our dining room light and I had the lights dimmed, candles in the background and soft music on the CD player.

We had the best time and made lasting memories while that hot tub was there. The best part of renting the hot tub, the company that I rented it from was in a home and garden show and called to tell me that they couldn’t pick it up for a few days!