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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cam Baker

My girlfriend used to get disinterested easily, so I had to keep finding new ways to keep her interested. One way was something out of character for me, was to take her to the Cemetery for a picnic. Before I got her, I purchased her favorite drink (diet coke) and her favorite food (pineapple pizza) and set up a picnic in the cemetery with two wine glasses set across from each other.

Hers was the one with her favorite flower sitting inside of it (a rose) and beside that was a heart shaped box. When we got there she opened the box to find chocolates surrounding a heart made of barbed wire, after the laughing subsided, we had a wonderful afternoon of relaxing in the most quiet place I knew of. I chose the quiet place because we had earlier discussed that we did not have enough time for each other as our obligations to other people got in the way. 

You can chooses any spot and modify this accordingly.