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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Susan Biblel

One year when we had no money, my husband spelled “I love you Susan Jo” with cutout letters of cardboard and put it on our garage door. When I came home from work, that was there for all the world to see. He was used to coming up with creative idea’s on a budget 🙂

Well, this year was no different, we live in Ohio, where there is usually snow on the ground in February. So, my hubby got a red can of spray paint (he had already) and out in our pasture, he wrote his Valentine message to me! It was beautiful! Bright red paint on the glistening snow saying “I love you, the love of my life!” The people he worked with thought it was so neat, the newspaper came and took a picture and it was in the evening news! It is one of my most memorable gifts ever!

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