Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Mike Gorr


valentines day mountains natural beauty card ideasA card that I made for my wife while we were dating has stuck out in both of our minds. And it was soooo simple!

What I did was cut out a beautiful mountain nature scene from a calendar. I did some extra coloring around it to accent the colors a bit. Then on top of the mountain scene I wrote, “God created some things that were meant to be stared at in awe.” Below the scene, I wrote, “So while you read this card,” And then she opened the card and found a picture of me cut out and glued in with a text balloon coming from my mouth saying “Forgive me for staring”!

Then on the other page, I wrote at length about how she was more awesome and more beautiful than the nature scene on the front cover.

She felt loved and that card helped me to communicate how very special I think she is!