Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Tonya Beatty


couple valentines knight horse card ideaThis is one I am making this year, I am just about done. First of all, I am buying my man a medieval knight sword for valentines day. Found it on the internet, it is really pretty and stirred a great idea.

I thought I would get him this and for valentines day, tell him he is my “knight in shining armor” I was going to have that engraved on the sword, but he tends to get a little embarrassed when other people see this stuff (something I am trying to get him out of) and I am hoping he will hang the sword on the wall.

So, from the engraving, I went to making him a card. I searched the internet for definitions of Knighthood, chivalry, etc, then I wrote a small story (1 page typed) of my own about how he is my modern day knight.

I started out how as little girls we dream and fantasize about growing up, falling in love, and our “knight in shining armor” coming to rescue us, but how this is really just a fantasy, and certainly not fitting to this day and age. Then I thought of everything a knight is, the big white horse, carriage, riding off into the sunset, all the romance and fantasy, and incorporated it into how he is those things to me. Such as, he does not wear shining armor, he wears jeans and a t-shirt, does not ride a big white horse, but has an old car he loves. He will carry me off into the sunset on anything that makes a loud noise, he takes me to places I’ve never been, even if it is his barn. I don’t have to see him pull a sword and fight a battle to know he would protect me from harm. You get the idea….

I ended with my valentines wish is to always be “his lady” Then I printed it out on some stationary that looks like old paper with an old English font. I burned the edges of the paper to make it look old and worn (knights are from the middle ages). Next I am going to get 2 pieces of cardboard and use a technique to “leather” them. With those pieces, I am going to use them as book binders. I also made a sort of cover page for the little story. I am going to bind them between these two pieces of “leather”, like it is a really old book-style card. Then give it to him with his sword.