Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Lael Harrelson


heart graffiti valentines card ideasA few years ago we lived in a college town that had a designated “graffiti wall.” It was near our apartments and people used it for all kinds of¬†creativity and love messages.

One year I painted a ten foot section of the wall white and then wrote a message to my husband and decorated it. It was a lot of work! Then I took a picture and scanned it into my computer. I used the picture as the front of my valentine card and told him I wanted the whole world to know how much I loved him.

Hundreds of people drove past the valentine on the wall for two weeks before it was painted over. Lots of people came up to my husband to tell him they had seen his valentine. He had a lot of fun and he always has the paper one I made him as well to remember it by.