Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


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valentines heart advent calendar card ideasMy fiancée and I are in a long-distance relationship. In fact, it would be difficult for that long-distance to be any longer – since she is in Orlando, Florida and I am in Manchester, England. It is because of this that I will unfortunately not be with her on Valentine’s Day. In fact, we won’t be together again until just over three weeks after that when I go out there for a week to enjoy her company and to get more of our wedding plans sorted out.

Anyway, since there are not too many days between those two dates, I have had the idea of combining her card with a kind of “Stephen’ coming countdown”. So, what I have done is to buy the largest (tasteful) Valentine’s card I could find along with some thick paper and a craft knife.

I am cutting 23 little windows in the card and stick it across one side of the inside of the Valentine’s Day card. Then, behind each window I will write a reason why I love Abigail, my fiancée, and put a date on the outside of the window from February 14th until March 8th – the day I arrive. She will then be able to count down the days to my arrival, whilst each day enjoying a special message from me
telling her how much I love her.