Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Novaira Tariq


valentines card creativeMy husband and I live miles apart from each other cause we both are pursuing our studies. He is quite a romantic guy but is very lazy when it comes to buying cards and sending flowers though he does like to get them from me.

Last valentine’s day I sent him a card which compelled him AT LAST to send me one too. I took a blue card board, glue, red velvet cloth, small mirrors, glitter, a stem and green ribbon.

I folded the card in half and then on it I placed small velvet hearts which I had made and cut from the cloth. I arranged the hearts in the pattern of flowers. In the middle of these I glued the small
mirrors. I outlined the cards and the heart and mirrors with glitters making the card very beautiful and flashy. Inside the card I wrote to him “You can see who lives in my heart all the time…its your face in the mirror of my heart…”