Creative Valentines Day Cards

Creative Valentines Day Cards


submitted by: Carolyn Nobel


valentines day cards storeI don’t really like the “pressure” of valentines day, so my fiance and I have a rule that we can’t spend money on valentine’s gifts…

This has lead to several home made treasure over the years: One year he gave me a small blank tablet which he had transformed into “The Story of Us” cartoon flip book. One each page he had draw a picture so that when I flipped through the pages, I saw a stick figure rendition of when we met, started dating, and other adventures we had had along the way (including several moves to different states)– ending with an “I love you!” for the last few pages of the book.

Although that and others were wonderful, my favorite home made valentine still remains the first one he sent me, only a few weeks after we had gotten together. He lived in Seattle and I lived in
Knoxville. Around valentines day I received a bulky manila envelope. In it was what must’ve been about 100 of those cheezy little paper valentines that elementary students give out. On each he had written something he liked about me, “your smile,” “you challenge me,” some special memory or promise, “hiking in evergreen,” “our future.”

By the end of reading all of the mini-cards, I was covered in a pile of happy thoughts. They now take up several of the most treasured  pages of my scrap book.