Creative Valentines Day Cards

Creative Valentines Day Cards


submitted by: Shannon Rasmussen

Close-up of explosion of champagne bottle cork

Time, effort, creativity, and sensitivity truly define a loving gift.

Last year I spent hours, pouring through magazines looking for simple pictures and letters to use in a carefully constructed Valentine’s Rebus Message.  I tried to only include a very few actual words; the rest of the message was a combination of pictures and letters to create/represent words.  An example:

“Honey, you light my fire.” (Use pictures of honey, a lamb, a lightbulb, M + eye, and a flame)

Then, upon completion, I carefully rolled the letter up, and put it inside an empty Dom Perignon bottle – Ron had surprised me with the bottle of Dom on our very first weekend together.  I had saved the bottle, and now used it as a unique envelope.

The entire valentine was a compilation of memories that we had experienced throughout our relationship.