Creative Valentine's Day Cards

Creative Valentine's Day Cards


submitted by: Sara Williams


valentines-cookie-card-present-surprise-magazineOne year for Valentine’s Day I made my sweetie a sugar cookie card.  I made two big rectangle cookies with regular sugar cookie dough.  When they came out of the oven, I poked two holes on the same side of each rectangle, so that the cookies could be strung together with string twizzlers to resemble a card or book.

Before I strung the two together, I wrote a poem on heavy paper and fill out an order form for a magazine he wanted.  I folded the order form so that it would fit neatly behind the poem and secured them to one of the cookies with icing, then finished decorating both cookies with the remaining icing  I put them both in the freezer so that the icing would set to the cookies. When they were ready I took them out and strung them together with the twizzlers then carefully wrapped them in tissue paper and put it back in the freezer for my husband to find them on valentine’s day morning.

As I suspected the next morning my husband, who is fairly curious person, found the tissue wrapped gift and opened it to reveal his card.  He like it so much that he didn’t want to eat it, which got me worried because part of his present was underneath the poem.

I finally convinced him to eat it after we took pictures of it.  As he sadly started to take the poem off the cookie he noticed the order form hidden behind, and with a big smile on his face, he realized why I insisted on him taking it apart.  After all the excitement we both relaxed by eating his edible Valentine’s Day card.