Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Francine Mendenhall

Have an outdoor sunset wedding. The bride and groom facing the sunset. After the couple give their vows and place their rings, and before they are pronounced husband and wife do the following:

* Have two bouquets of flowers set aside the alter for easy retrieval.
* Have your favorite romantic song playing.
* After the rings have been placed on each other’s finger, being the song.
* The bride and groom will then pick up a bouquet of flowers. The groom will walk to the bride’s mother and the bride will walk to the groom’s mother and present the bouquet.
* The couple will then meet back at the isle to the alter and walk back together.
* When the song finishes playing the ceremony will then be completed by pronouncing them husband and wife.
* As the couple kiss, doves will be released against the sunset.

I always thought this would be a memorable and romantic gesture for a wedding finale.